Moving iPod files to your PC with Pod to PC

Thanks for all the well wishes and emails. You all know how to make a girl feel loved and missed!

I’m no where near 100% yet, but I’m back. After 5-6 days of abdominal pains, fever and headaches I went to the ER. All of my labs and exam looked pretty good, but my CBC was slightly elevated and possible bladder infection. So they gave me Cipro and pain pills and sent me home. I’m feeling slightly better, but not sure how much posting I’m up for yet.

Friday is Sunshine’s 13th birthday and she has a big week long basketball camp next week for 8 hours a day, about an hour from home – so I need to get better and I need to squeeze in some posting – I’m hoping to take my laptop and find somewhere to get online while she’s at camp each day.

I do have something I wanted to share today for Works for Me Wednesday!

Recently when I had my computer hard drive cleared, my external drive with all of our music and pictures was accidentally erased, but they managed to recover the drive. But everything was a jumbled mess and some things were not recovered.

So setting our iTunes back up was a worry – I didn’t want to lose any of our songs, movies or apps. that we have on our iPods. A great friend’s son helped me via email and recommended this fantastic FREE (gotta love that) program that helps you get songs from your iPod or iPhone onto your computer…and it’s EASY!!! Dummy proof!!

Apple’s iTunes software makes it very simple to move songs from your computer to your iPod or iPhone, but moving those songs the opposite direction is NOT an option they offer. If you’ve ever had a hard drive crash you will understand this dilemma! It’s a relief to know you have it all on the iPod – but how to get it all back onto the computer??????

iTunes does offer the option of recovering anything that has been purchased thru iTunes, but if you are like us, and have other content, you’re going to need some help.

Let me introduce to you………..Pod to PC (they also have Pod to Mac)!

Pod to PC is a free program that you can download here. It was so simple and we had everything back on the external hard drive in no time!

Below is a video on CNet that I watched and followed, it show’s you how simple this program is to use!

Pod to PC Works for ME!!! See what’s working for other’s over at We are THAT Family’s Works for Me Wednesday!

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