More help needed on my office makeover


Ok, so yesterday I asked for help choosing a paint color .

>My favorite is “B”, but after my mom came by today to take a look,

I think I may need something just a little lighter, and a few

people emailed me with some other color names to try.

So I’ll keep you posted on that front.

Now to show you the lovely pink room I’m moving into,

office before paint

the room only has one window but get’s a good amount of light

it faces South East.

I’m hoping to paint the existing trim a creamy white.

Now I also need help with my furniture.

Here are our desks

YES, I have a LOT of crap in there! LOL

office before

The Bug Man has his own business (Pest Control).

So the small metal desk is the appointment desk.

It’s a metal desk – I’d LOVE to find a neat table or other desk eventually.

In the mean time, can I paint metal? – I also have 2 metal file cabinets

The LONG desk is the computer desk.

Both of those computers are getting old, and hopefully one will be updated sometime soon.

I LOVE the space, so I plan to keep this desk,

it’s actually 4 pieces – 2 tops, 2 bottoms

I think I should paint them as well

Creamy white or black?

do I paint the top or just the bottom/sides?

I plan to start collecting some great accessories, boxes, containers,

get rid of the big stereo, new lamps

This all may take a while, but I’d love some suggestions!!

This week’s Works For Me Wednesday is a Backwards Edition

you post something you need help with!

So after you leave me some help in my comments,

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