Measuring Flour for Cookies- Works for Me!

My problem when mixing large batches of cookies always comes into play when it’s time to add the flour. It’s not good to dump all of the flour in at once, so I add some flour, then mix, add more flour, mix and so on.

When you mix a large batch of cookies, it often requires a large amount of flour, and if you’re like me……….I lose count. When I recently made 260 butter cookies for Drop In & Decorate, I mixed up 4 double batches of cookies dough – each double batch needed 6 cups of flour! I add one cup of flour, then mix, add the 2nd cup of flour, mix……add the 3rd…or was the last one the 3rd? uggggh! See, I lose count!

I don’t know why I never thought of doing this before, but this time I measured out the six cups of flour into a bowl, I actually used my FAVORITE Pampered Chef 8 cup glass measuring bowl.

I measured out my 6 cups of flour in that bowl, then I didn’t need to keep count while I added some and mixed! when my flour bowl was empty, I knew I had added my six cups of flour!!

Works for me!!……….I just wish I had thought of this years ago! LOL

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