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Mom’s today are pulled in a million different directions. Our days are filled with, laundry, cooking, chauffeuring, helping with homework, balancing the checkbook, running a house hold, shopping, playgroups, practices, maybe working outside the home, or running a blog even……..We are multi-tasking mavens!– oh yeah!


Like any busy mom, I’m always looking for ways to simplify my life. I realize that I can’t always “do it all”. My house is not perfect…….some times often things go undone. Short cuts, quick meals, less sleep……..all tactics I’ve been known to use to lighten my load a little.

I know that meals are a big part of keeping my family happy, but sometimes ‘life’ doesn’t allow me the time to prepare something elaborate. I can’t let meals be a source of stress. I know where to find the right recipes from the internet, how to grab the right ingredients on the way home from car pooling, and how to throw together a nutritious, quality meal while tweeting, blogging and recording Grey’s Anatomy for later. And when it comes to lunch, I hold myself to the same high standards for nutrition and quality.

Hormel Compleats allows me just that! They are meal solutions that allow busy moms to have a satisfying lunchtime meal with quality meats and vegetables, in minutes. Since Hormel Compleats never need to be refrigerated, if you’re a working mom you can slip an entire delicious roast beef with mashed potatoes and gravy lunch into your purse for the car ride (or subway!) to work. There are 25 different delicious varieties that are microwaveable and ready in a flash.

Right now Hormel is having a Life Better Served contest promoting Hormel Compleats. Just upload video of you,  a busy multi-tasking modern mom that’s 30-second long and includes Hormel Compleats.  Be creative! Have fun!

No time to be creative? Simply share your favorite videos (by clicking “share” in the toolbar on the Zooppa site) and you’ll be entered for a chance to win $3,000.  Head to Life Better Served to start sharing.

The sharing contest closes on Friday, April 8, 2011

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