Learn Spanish on the Go!

Have you ever wanted to learn another language?

Lolli of Life is Sweet and her husband have taken their love of language and started a new company,

Peanutbutter -Language Leaning That Sticks

“PeanutButter language software combines effective tools that get you speaking a new language, fast. Video conversations simultaneously teach sentence structure, grammar, and vocabulary. Our “study buddies” review lessons making language learning sensible, interactive, and fun.”
It sounds really exciting, and one of the really neat factors is
the iPhone application you can download so you can learn on the go!
The first application, Spanish, is FREE of charge!
If you like it, they should have new mini lessons
released about once a week from now on
(the paid apps will be $4.99).
The easiest way to find the apps is to search for
Peanutbuttersticks in your iTunes store.
Each app has 3 mini dialogues with some basic grammar lessons.
The software does SO much more.
Be sure to click over to Life is Sweet and read the full story on
Peantbutter – Language Leaning that Sticks


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