There’s just something about Spring Time
that makes me want to “organize”.
Maybe it’s the “Fresh and New” feel
that Spring Time brings that makes me want my
home to feel “Fresh and New”

How about organizing with some quirkiness and fun?!

“Put the FUN in Functional!”

I found a great site who’s products are funny and they make being organized entertaining!
Knock Knock
has a product for just about every organizing need.

I am always finding myself with nothing to write on besides scrap computer paper. I am always making lists, but they look more like unorganized scribbles. Check out this 3-Way Pad (Home, Work, Play) .
It’s stylish and portable you can pop into your purse, diaper bag, or briefcase.

How about these clips? Do you have papers fluttering all over your desk? These clips let you “appear more productive than you actually are” and “look good without getting much done.”

The people at Knock Knock inject whimsy into otherwise mundane organizational tasks with to-do list memo pads, home library kits, and delivery-menu organizers

Don’t Kill The Kids – and Other Babysitting Basics.
Enjoy a night out with peace of mind with this great checklist pad.

Knock Knock has lots of GREAT pads, such as:
“Things You Do That Piss Me Off”
“All out of Pad”
“My Top-Secret Passwords Pad”
“Shit List Pad
“Apology Nifty Note

Do you have a lot of CRAP to file? Knock Knock has a set of filing folders for filing useless information and the ever popular “crap” stuff (this is their most popular set). Crap file folders
… who can resist such organized and colorful folders?

Now head on over to Knock Knock and start getting organized!
And you better not Paper Voodoo doll me !

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