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THANKS Pam @ Farmhouse Primitives!
So…..let’s see……..here’s the rules:

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Random things about me……..hhhmmm……
1-I love things that smell good! I’m obsessed with smells! I LOVE to wear perfume and always have tarts melting in my house to make it smell good.
2-I can’t STAND to have my belly button touched! Ewww, even the thought of it!
3I don’t like to be cold. I’d rather be hot.
4-I LOVE music! I listen to music all day long. I love to really listen to the lyrics and I LOVE to sing along!
5-I usually figure out what’s going to happen in a movie before it happens – this drives my family crazy!
6-I have never broken a bone in my body.

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I wanted to give a shout out to my hubby on his nice 8 pointer he got last weekend. It’s not as big as the 10 pointer he got a few years ago and had mounted, but this one will make a nice mount tool! – and yes we fill our freezer with it as well. We actually had venison steaks for dinner just last night!

The Bugman really enjoys hunting, and eating his game. It’s really good for him to get away from everything and sit in the woods. I just wish he’d leave his game where he shoots them, but then he’d expect me to leave my clothes at the mall after I purchase them! So I understand!!! LOL!

(you can click this picture to see larger if you want, I know some people don’t care to see it)

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