Well, I’ve got it started!!

primer and paint

On Thursday I joined the Procrastinators Party over at The Inspired Room and committed to getting Allison’s old room repainted so I can move my home office into this space. You can read about my project in this post.

My project is now in full swing…….

I took everything off the walls, cleaned some of the little junk up out of the room, moved everything else to the center and got started! (that elliptical looks like it’s getting a lot of use doesn’t it? LOL)

preping to paint

Pink is a HARD color to cover up!! – 2 coats of primer and I can still faintly see pink, but I think the new color will cover it fine.
Now that I have the room primed and ready to paint. I tried out all of my color choices and FINALLY decided on a color! Woohoo! See my 6 swatches on the wall? LOL

paint colors for new office

Now I need to head to Lowes and buy my paint!! at this rate maybe I can even get my desk painted before the deadline!!


After all of my painting yesterday, I soaked in the tub filled with Dr. Teal’s Eucalyptus and Spearmint Epsom Salt!

It’s just what the doctor ordered after a day like that! The essential oils induced a sense of relaxation while easing the discomfort of my aching muscles!

You can find this wonderful product at WalMart stores and you can’t beat the price – I think I paid just under $5 for a 3 pound bag!!