I’m still here! Just hangin with my Vampire love

Just thought I’d let you all know, I have NOT fallen off the face of the earth!

We had a wonderful Christmas, and everyone has been enjoying time at home and all of their new goodies.

Sunshine and I spend most of our days and evenings with our Vampire friends.

I started a little bit of New Moon a day or two before Christmas and was able to finish it on Friday the 26th. I couldn’t stand it and quickly started Eclipse that evening and finished it by Sunday evening. Breaking Dawn was sitting there taunting me, I SOOO badly wanted to read it, but I knew once I did, it would all come to an end. What would I have when it was over? I couldn’t put it off any longer, and started it yesterday afternoon, but I’m taking it

s l o w…savoring every moment of it.

So that’s where I’ve been dear blog readers……..living in my escapism of vampires that live among humans, sparkle in the daylight and fall in love with the average girl next door– TOTALLY NONSENSE! and TOTALLY NOT something I would think I would read, much less enjoy and LOVE!

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