I’m Lovin It – CD Visor & new Jeep!

Welcome to the Party!! I’m Lovin’ It will be a party I will host at the end of each week to celebrate things that makes us happy….things we are loving! Please share anything from a new(or old) product, to a recipe, a picture you took, a project, or even your children or family…..really anything that you would like to share that you are loving right now!!

This week I actually have two things to share that I am loving!

Late last week we traded in my old van for a new(to me) Jeep Liberty! Can I just say I now LOVE driving…..I love my Jeep!

As much as I love the Jeep, it is a little short on storage space. I really enjoy listening to my CD’s when I drive and there isn’t a good spot to store all of the CD’s. As soon as I discovered the lack of CD storage space I INSTANTLY thought of one of my sponsors, Jessie (Designs By Jessie).

I had recently seen the CD Visors that Jessie makes and fell in love with them! I knew this would be the perfect solution and a cool addition to my new Jeep.

I jumped on Jessie’s site on Sunday and had my fabulous new CD Visor by Wed morning!!

I LOVE it!! Doesn’t it look adorable?
cd visor

So there you go! I’m driving around town in my new cute Jeep Liberty listening to my tunes…..while I keep my CD’s close at hand and looking SO cute in my new CD Visor!!

? Sometimes it’s the little things that really make me happy ?

I'm Lovin' It - wk1

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