Welcome to the Party!!

Last weekend was Sunshine’s 8th grade dance. Her first school dance!
As a mom, this is a bitter sweet moment we go through, allowing our babies to venture out to real life events, and allow them to feel more grown up for a night.

We shopped until we found just the right dress and shoes, her sister did her hair, and she had her nails painted the perfect color! All in preparation for the big night.

They all went as a big group of friends!

Group shot!

Best Friend Beauties!
I can’t get over how grown up they look!

best friends
(Sunshine is on the left)

The girls all showed up first to take pictures….the boys arrived shortly after.
I got this shot of the girls as the boys showed up!
Don’t you just love the looks on the girls faces as they see the boys all dressed up!?

The boys are here!

Of course, just because I’m the mother of a 14-year-old (which, by definition, makes me an embarrassment), I don’t intend to stop following her around with my camera! lol

Hands in the AIR!

As I watched my (not so) little girl and her friends dance, share and laugh with excitement thru out the evening,

what fun!

I realized that the eight years since she had been a kindergartner went by SO quickly and deposited her on the other side of childhood…….the side that leans much too much towards adulthood.

being announced as part of the court

As I watched her first dance with a boy!
{sniff sniff……..where’s my tissue?}

{The Dance }

The night was a huge success!
Fun was had by all!

After party!

I can’t stand it!

It seems like just yesterday we took this picture!

Allison Dressed up {3 yrs old}-scanned

So this week……….I’m loving my baby girl and watching her grow up{all too fast}!

You can see all of the pictures I took that night by clicking here.

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