I’m a Weight Watchers Insider!

I’m SOOOO excited to share some news with you guys!!  You may have heard that Weight Watchers recently released their New PointsPlus Program!

To help get the word out about the new program I have been invite  to become part a group of prominent bloggers to be in an exclusive Insiders group.

I’m a Weight Watchers Ambassador!!!

PointsPlus™ nudges people to make healthier choices rather than simply focus on calorie counting.  The new formula takes into account the components that make up calories – protein, carbohydrates, fat and fiber – and factors the conversion cost of each within the body as well as eating satisfaction. Additionally, most fruits and vegetables count as zero points on PointsPlus™!

I’m so totally excited about this!! I have successfully used Weight Watchers in the past.  It’s been years and I’ve put a few pounds back on….. I’m carrying the “blogger’s butt”  and I’d like to lose it! haha

I can’t wait to share my journey and all of the amazing tools, tips, info Weight Watchers has to offer and maybe even a few giveaways! One thing I’m most excited aoubt is the iPad app,  just launched last Friday, called the Weight Watchers Kitchen Companion!  I am SOOOOO excited to use it!

The app that gives you ideas for what to cook and how to cook it. It’s the ultimate interactive healthy cooking tool — the app will take you through the cooking process, from planning the menu, to shopping for ingredients, to making the dish.

A unique feature of this app is recipe building functionality.  Weight Watchers Kitchen Companion shows users how to make recipes healthier in real time, by providing articles and information about key ingredients and foods, common cooking techniques and more. For example, if you enter in “mom’s chicken soup” you might see that the PointsPlus value is high. With this app you can alter the recipe in real time (swop out cheese for low fat cheese, etc.) to get your desired points value. Is that cool or what?!

So hang tight everyone………as soon as I get it all set up, I’ll be sharing lots more!

The app can be downloaded for FREE – used by both Weight Watchers members and nonmembers.

iPad features are :

Everyone who downloads the app will be able to:

  • Get the latest 10 featured recipes
  • Save up to 10 favorite recipes
  • Create custom shopping lists
  • Set cooking timers in recipes
  • Watch cooking technique videos
  • Share recipes with email or Facebook
  • Browse through recipes in book view
  • Get step-by-step instructions in cooking view

Subscribers to Weight Watchers Online & eTools have access to all features and can also:

  • Find thousands of Weight Watchers recipes
  • Access complete shopping, ingredient and equipment guides
  • Get cooking primers and technique videos
  • View exclusive recipe collections hand-picked by our editors
  • Use the WeightWatchers.com Recipe Builder to create and edit recipes
  • Send recipes to your Plan Manager for tracking

My plan…I hope to lose 20 pounds over the next few months. Would anyone like to join me?

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Disclaimer: The awesome people at Weight Watchers provided me with a free membership and other tools, but all views and opinions are my own.