I Heart Faces – Dessert!

Ok, this week’s theme at I Heart Faces is RIGHT up my alley………

Desserts!!….a photo of a dessert!

and get this……….

the guest judge is no other than the AWESOME….

the one and only Bakerella!!

Woo hoo!

You don’t even need to have a face in your picture this week.

I had a hard time deciding what picture to enter……..I have fun photographing food

I think right at this moment, this is my favorite though

The Raspberry Filled Vanilla Cupcakes I made for Easter

Raspberry Filled Vanilla CupcakesAlign Center

You can find the recipe and how-to’s in this post.

You can find more recipes in my recipe box.

You can find all of my food shots in my Flickr sets.

Now head over to I Heart Faces for more amazing dessert shots!!…..or enter your own!!