I Heart Faces – Reflection

Luckily this week I worked on my picture early (I usually do it on Monday save it to Photobucket and get it up Monday or Tues).

My nephew came over on Sunday to clear my hard drive. We thought it would be easy since I have a large external drive with all my pictures and music already on it, we just had to move a few other items – then clear.

Guess what’s happened? My external drive was showing up EMPTY!


He’s certain it’s all still there – it’s just a matter of what all it may take to get it back!

So he’s taking it to work on with my other nephew, his brother-in-law, who works in IT at a local university. PLEASE PLEASE keep your fingers crossed that they get it all back for me!

I back up on CD’s – but I haven’t done it in about a year (dumb dumb!)

This week’s challenge is… Reflection.

This is my entry in the adult category.

I took this picture about a year ago when I was picking Sunshine up from a friends house one day – I was bored waiting for her, so I started playing around with my camera. LOL

(you can click to see larger)

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