Hooked on Twitter and Twilight

Do you hang out with ALL of your FRIENDS
ALL of the TIME? LOL
twitter bird

I ran across this great video and had to share

and you KNOW I’m going to Tweet about this to
all of my Tweeps!! LOL

Tonight is the night many of us Twilightaholics have been waiting for……

Way back on
January 10
I preordered our copy of the Twilight DVD,
that arrival date is now drawing near!!

We have been waiting patiently to WELCOME you to our home!

It would be an SLIGHT exaggeration to say that my daughters and I are RIDICULOUSLY excited to hold you in our arms and whisper sweet nothings to your plastic coated case, but be prepared, our first days together, will be like no other!

……….until we meet at the mailbox


I’m hooked on Twitter and Twilight!

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I’d love to hear how many of my readers are getting a copy of Twilight this weekend!

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