Hooked on Clorox Decor Canisters!

Have you seen these yet?

Clorox Wipes now come in a range of decor canisters!

Clorox wipes are my new Best Friend! ?

I’ve been going thru a lot of Clorox wipes, with the new puppy, Cullen and I leave them out on the counter. {not attractive}

Now I can hide the fact that I have Clorox wipes stashed in every room for fast clean ups!

The opening on the canister is large, and no more tearing off the wipes, they come out in singles which makes things so much easier!

I’ve always kept a canister under the bathroom sink for daily clean ups – but now that I can leave them out in the bathroom I’m hoping I can get the rest of the family to wipe up after themselves {a girl can dream can’t she?}

So this week,
I’m hooked on Clorox Wipes in the Decor Canisters

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