Home Again…..{I moved to Word Press}

So are you liking my new digs? I hope you like the new place  as much as I do!

I can finally call this…….Home!

Thanks for putting up with a few weeks of craziness around here…..hopefully it wasn’t too much of an inconvenience for you.  I promise, in the long run, you will see this was a good decision…..for all of us!

You have no idea how much I enjoy this blog and all of you who come to visit!  Blogging is such a great outlet and place to share.

Please make sure you have the correct blog address  TidyMom.net

yes, I have been using that for months, but you were actually being directed to blogger.  Now TidyMom.net is self hosted thanks to the wonderful people at Eleven2!!  Eleven2 is a homegrown business  that services over 72,000 websites, and happen to be personal friends of Kristen’s…….and if Kristen thinks they’re good enough to host WeAreThatFamily…..then that’s good enough for me!

Now here’s where I need to ask YOU for a little favor…….

Can you please update your bookmarks, and subscriptions?  You will be redirected her if you use an old link……but it just make things SO much easier if you have the correct links.

If you subscribe in a reader……..

TidyMom Feed

If  you like to subscribe by email……

TidyMom Email Subscription

If you like to use Google Friends Connect, there should be no change, but you can click the box down at the very bottom of the page to be sure.

Facebook and Twitter and my Tumblr blog remain the same.

If you have a TidyMom button could I beg of you to change it to my new one?  If you don’t have one, I would LOVE for you to take one! 😉

click here for the code

Take a look around, there are drop downs in the menu navigation bar up top, there are links to some favorite recipes on the right (these will change periodically), and social networking buttons at the top and bottom of each post.

If you have question or trouble finding something, just let me know.

I could NOT have done this with out some amazing people that deserve ALL the credit! Apparently moving over 500 posts and 59,000 comments is no easy task!

My amazingly talented friend Cathe Holden of Just Something I Made and Home Grown Logos made my AWESOME TidyMom logo, banner, social icon button (custom made just for moi) and other design elements.

If you don’t already visit Cathe’s blog Just Something I Made then you should, she is SOOO talented and VERY generous,  she is always sharing free downloads!

Tonya of Lucky Girl Design Studio got me set up on Word Press, installed my awesome Pixel Happy Theme by StudioPress and added all of Cathe’s beautiful elements for me!  Tonya does some awesome blog design work as well for both Blogger and WordPress.


So there you go…….thanks for hanging around thru all the mess.  If you spot something not working right, I would love for you to let me know!

Now that I have the blog finished….I’d love to hear what YOU would like to see more of on TidyMom ? more recipes? (what kind?) more giveaways? more crafts? more household tips? more features of what I find around the web?…..something else?……..Let me hear it!

*I did want to point out that the link to leave a comment is now ABOVE the post (right under the post title, next to the date)…..NOT at the bottom of the post like it used to be.
Because moving to Word Press “Works For ME”…….I’m linking up here