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The Inspired Room

I’m soooo pleased and excited to have Melissa join us for Holiday Connections this week. Melissa’s beautiful blog, The Inspired Room was one of, the first home decor blogs I found, fell in love with and followed.  Melissa is really passionate about what she refers to as “authentic living”. I love her vision and her philosophy…….”Keep it Simple”.  And if you know me, you know that is right up my alley.  She is also a design consultant, a writer for several online magazines,  a mom of three kids, ages 10, 19, and 22, and a  pastor’s wife helping to start a new church.  Be sure to check out “The Best of The Inspired Room”

TidyMom: Do you have a special dish you always make for Christmas?

Melissa: My family has a long-standing tradition of baking something we call Puffs. They are actually Puff Pancakes or Dutch Babies. We love to drizzle them with fresh squeezed lemon and powdered sugar.  We have them all year round, but these days with my oldest daughter married and my middle daughter off at college, we don’t get to enjoy them as a family quite as often. I was just talking to my son about being frugal this Christmas and about focusing on what really matters. He started thinking about that and said, “let’s make Puffs on Christmas.” Such a sweetie! Glad we have a simple tradition! TM These sound DELICIOUS Melissa’s recipe for Puff Pancakes

TidyMom: When does your family put up your Christmas tree? Do you put up more than one tree?

Melissa: We usually make the trek out to the tree farm around the second week of December. It is always fun to choose and cut down our own tree. Many years we have had more than one tree, we use smaller trees in other areas like the bedrooms and the kitchen.

This year, however, we have decided to save money and only use the miniature trees we already have. We are sad about not having a fresh tree and going with the smaller ones this year, but on the other hand we aren’t ones who cling too tightly to tradition and we can adapt to our families needs. We will make Christmas special in spite of a little change in tree plans! TM: I’m in LOVE with Melissa’s Silver Spoon tree in her dining room!

TidyMom: With 3 children, how have you handled the dreaded “is Santa real” question ?

Melissa: He is real. Who else would bring all those presents and put gifts in stockings long after we have gone to bed?

TidyMom: Do you wrap Santa gifts?

Melissa: No, I think he has elves for that.

TidyMom: What is the most romantic gift you have ever received or given?

Melissa: I received a diamond promise ring on Christmas eve when I was 19 from my now husband. That was back when we didn’t have a mortgage, kids in college and cell phone bills. Now we are more practical — I am excited when I get things like new toasters and matching socks.

TidyMom: What is your favorite part about the holidays? or favorite Holiday tradition?

Melissa: My favorite part is Christmas morning with our whole family in our jammies around the fireplace, eating breakfast, opening gifts, listening to Christmas carols and playing games.

TidyMom: Do you send out Christmas cards? and if so, do you make them or send something special?

Melissa: Some years I send cards, some years not. No, I do not make my own cards.

TidyMom: Do you leave out cookies for Santa?

Melissa: My kids always leave cookies for Santa and Rudolf. We have a special cookies for Santa plate and we always leave him letters. He always writes back.

TidyMom: What inspires your decorating style for Christmas? What color scheme do you use?

Melissa: I’m inspired by homes that look comfortable and effortless yet still beautiful. I’m more drawn to enjoying time with my family over the holidays than I am to decorating, so I really do try to keep things simple. I prefer to have holiday decor that feels soothing and not overdone, I don’t want to feel like we had a Christmas tinsel explosion. I love just a small touch of Christmas in every room. My style is always evolving depending on what house I live in, but primarily I’ve always used white ornaments on my tree. For the holidays I like to use the same basic decorating style and colors I use every day, with just a little more coziness combined with some shine and sparkle! TM: I love all the touches in every room!

TidyMom: Do you have a guilty pleasure?

Melissa: I love to have a fancy coffee now and then at a coffee shop or make them myself at home. Either way, I consider them inexpensive therapy.

Thanks so much for sharing your home and your holidays with us Melissa!

Thanks to Julie of Lee Lou Blogs for making the cute Holiday Connections button for me, with design elements from Cathe Holden of Home Grown Logos.

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