Guest post from The Coupon Goddess

There are women who coupon, and then there are women who COUPON!!! Today’s guest is a beautiful woman who is not only a champion of getting killer deals for her family of six but she has mastered the art of couponing and is using it to help others. Please give a warm TidyMom welcome to Melanie, The Coupon Goddess!

Hello! My name is Melanie and I’m the founder of The Coupon Goddess. I’m honored to be writing a post for Cheryl who never ceases to amaze me with her abounding creativity and never ending talents. I’ve learned so much from her and would like to thank her for all that she shares!

Now I’m sure almost all of you are familiar with coupons. I myself have been using them for 12 years and without them I’d be paying out the nose for food and household products. I have 4 kids, and let me tell you they can eat. I shudder to think how high my grocery bill would be without those little pieces of paper cut from the Sunday coupon inserts! Last year my collective savings between the grocery and drugstores was $52,000. Now I can already hear what you are thinking…. Is she nuts? Nope, just driven and I’m going to share with you how that crazy amount of savings came to be.

One of my passions is giving back to my community. I love to volunteer for various town events, fundraisers, and even our hometown Thanksgiving Day parade, but I’ve always wanted to do something that was more meaningful. One day while I was putting away a particularly large “free spree” from couponing I realized that most of it could be used by the men and women serving our Country overseas and that’s when my program “The Coupon Goddess Supports The Troops” was born.

With the help of a local realtor, I collected products that were free after coupons, packaged them up and he paid the postage to ship them overseas. What started off as a box or two at a time, grew into a 12 case shipment last Christmas that was distributed to an entire Army troop. I can’t even begin to tell you how blessed I was to receive pictures back from the guys holding their razors, shaving cream, body washes, and countless other items I got for free with coupons. That experience motivated me to use every coupon I could get my hands on for practical items they could use, hence the crazy savings I racked up last year.

Now I don’t share this with you to toot my own horn. What I want to do is motivate you to think about your talents and skills and how you could use them to help others. I would’ve never thought that coupons would be my vehicle to give back, but in the end they enabled me to provide for the very people protecting me (and you too!) What skills and talents do you have that help you “pay it forward”? You’d be amazed at what you can do when you put your mind to it!

“From now on that little star will sit on my kitchen window sill to remind me that I can make a difference. Each one of us in our own way can give back to those who protect us with thoughtful gestures such as a care package, a card or even a simple prayer for their protection. Because I am entirely thankful for their sacrifice to protect the ones I care about.”

If you’d like to learn more about couponing, feel free to visit me at The Coupon Goddess. I’d love to meet you. Also, a big thank you to the lovely Ms. Cheryl for all she does and shares. She is truly an inspiration and the Tidiest Mom I know!

Thanks so much Melanie! I’m always so inspired by woman who coupon! It’s an art that I would LOVE to learn and your generosity astounds me!!