Get Organized!!- I have a Monica Closet

Get Organized!!
That’s my new slogan for the fall!!
Over the weekend we spent the better part of an hour looking for one of Miss Allison’s tank tops. Sometimes I feel like we are forever searching for SOMETHING in this house! It drives me insane! and I can’s stop until I find it!! This time the elusive gray tank top was never found, my guess is – it was left in the locker room at school, although Miss Allisonis CERTAIN she wore it home.

Even though the last several years I technically only worked part time, I feel that I really let some responsibilities around the house go. Things may have stayed clean and neat looking, for the most part, on the outside, but it really was a disaster underneath! Here’s a “dirty little secret” about me.……I have a “Monica Closet”. Do you remember that episode of Friends? The one where Chandler discovers a locked closet that Monica has the only key to. After unsuccessfully trying to get it open with a bobby pin and a credit card, he takes the door off it’s hinges only to find that it’s crammed full of crap. Monica, a Very Neat and Tidy Person (VNTP) is mortified that he has discovered her messy secret.




Behold MY “Monica Closet” (Tidymom hangs her head in shame)

Looks like a normal closet doesn’t it?

Are you ready?……….watch out, stuff has been known to fall out when I open it! LOL

Here’s some close ups of the lower and upper halfs
Go ahead and click on them – you’ll see all the stuff in all it’s GLORY!


It all started innocent enough……
We don’t have a huge house, hence I don’t have a LOT of room for extra “stuff“. But after living in the same house for 11 years, you start to gain a LOT of extra “stuff” – you know, that stuff you’re afraid to get rid of because your just might NEED one day.
Well, after just another installment of “where did THAT disappear to?” I decided ENOUGH is ENOUGH! I’m cleaning this house out! My mom is having a garage sale Sept 20th, so what better time to get moving – because after all, I’m SURE MY stuff will certainly be stuff someone else will just HAVE to HAVE! LOL

I’ve decided to e a s e into it, and start with the easy spots.
Miss Allison and I cleaned out our closets over the weekend and took 4 large lawn bags full of clothes to the Good Will. We both felt much better with our accomplishments and went shopping at Target! LOL – no silly, not for clothes, but for new hangers (every girl should have all pink hangers right?) and we bought some organizing tools for my next few “spots”.
I plan on working on my spice cabinet over the stove and the cabinet under my kitchen sink next.

My “Monica Closet “will have to wait just a bit. It’s honestly a bit “overwhelming” right now. I think once I get a few clean outs under my belt, I will feel more confident tackling that one little closet!……My hard hat will be patiently waiting for that

Do you need some inspiration for organizing, simplifying or cleaning your nest? Have no fear!! I have some links to share with you to some of my favorites!
Remodeling This Life has a great Storage Solution Series
Simple Mom has an awesome Ebook -Spring cleaning for Normal People

spring cleaning

Small Notebook
has lots of organizing tips for everything you can think of!
Organizing Playground has a wealth of information and sites that will get you organized!

Mr. Tidymom ended up being sick the whole weekend of his birthday – but I did manage to get a few pictures – I’ll try and get them on here in the next day or two to share with you – along with another great recipe!