Following my Bliss

Follow Your Bliss

“do something that makes you happy

That is the theme of Blissdom 2010

Blissdom is a fabulous blogging conference that brings bloggers from all over together face to face, to get new ideas, tips and inspiration to take your blog to new spheres.

My blog doesn’t really fit into a particular niche.

It’s just my voice.
I’m not just a stay-at-home mom who loves to bake, craft, photography, bargain shopping, or a housewife who obsesses over keeping things tidy,
but also a woman with multiple interests, a little creativity,
and her own unique perspective.

I write about what I know and love,
with the hope that my readers will like me for who I am,
and want to come along for the ride.
THAT my friends, is following MY BLISS.

Blogging, being on Facebook and enjoying Twitter
give me the opportunity to meet other women I might not have otherwise met.

Bliss would be meeting many of them in person!

Kimberly of Mom in the City is offering a FABULOUS Giveaway!

She is not able to attend Blissdom 2010 in Nashville this year
due to family scheduling,
so she is
GIVING away a Blissdom Conference Pass
so someone else can go!!
How amazing is THAT?!

While I am still working on finding a conference sponsor,
a FREE Conference Pass would certainly put me one step closer to Nashville.

Thanks again to Kimberly for the chance to win!