Laundry……….the dreaded chore!

I don’t know about you, but I never seem to find the bottom of the pile!

I’m asking PLEADING you to help me make doing my laundry more enjoyable by helping me win a new washer & dryer courtesy of Samsung and Twittermoms!

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The competition is getting fierce out there ladies!! I know it looks like I may already have a lot of comments – but this is a close race and we have 5 days to go!! OCT 2 is the deadline!!

Like most mom’s I have some laundry arsenal that helps me keep my family looking nice and their clothes smelling clean!

shout color catcher Shout Color Catcher is probably by far, one of my most FAVORITE laundry products!

I am not a spokesperson for Shout Color Catchers, but I sure would be in a heartbeat! They could just pay me in Shout Color Catchers. I love them THAT much!I tell everyone I know of their greatness!

I do not know how it works but all I do know is that it does work! You simply throw one of the Shout Color Catcher cloths into your regular load of laundry and add any detergent and fabric softener. Wash normally. The Color Catcher sheet will come out of the wash in whatever color dye it trapped. It amazes me every time I use one. I use them OVER and OVER until they are just black! I can not do laundry without these! Our clothes stay fresher, the colors stay brighter and no more color bleeding! woohooo!!


Mule Team Borax

I use this stuff in every load of laundry I do. We have hard water, Mule Team Borax naturally softens hard water. It’s also improves the cleaning power of your detergent, helps to remove tough stains all while it deodorizes and freshens your laundry! WOW! Can you tell me another product that does all of that?

Oh yeah, you can use Mule Team Borax for many other uses all around your house! It cleans toilet bowls and fiberglass showers, Freshens garbage disposals, Neutralizes urine smell, Deodorize your garbage pails and so much more!

bleach pen

Clorox Bleach Pen

This little tool may be small, but it is mighty!! Have you ever gotten a stain on the white part of a shirt, but you can’t bleach it because of the colors? Well this little magic wand will erase your tears away!! Literally! I’ve even used it on “set in, dryed in, it’s never going to come out stains!”

You can also use The Clorox Bleach Pen to target stains directly on tile, grout, caulking and porcelain!

Do you have any “I can’t do laundry without this” products???

Can you please tell me about them here?

I LOVE LOVE LOVE to try new laundry products!