Cowardly Lion Costume DIY

First I need to confess…..I do NOT “do” costumes. Meaning I have never really “made” a costume for either one of my girls. We’ve always bought one, borrowed one or put something together.

Heather, our oldest daughter, is a beautician at a small salon. Each Halloween the girls in the salon like to dress up for Halloween in a theme that goes together. This year Heather suggested Wizard of Oz, and she wanted to be the Cowardly Lion.

We decided we could make one with a tan sweatsuit and boas. Little did we know, tan is not an easy color to find in sweats this year, or in boas. So we bought white and dyed it all tan/brown, including fuzzy slippers.

We used spray adhesive to attach the felt on her chest and the boas to the hood and sleeves. But we realized we needed it on a mannequin to work with it. That’s when I came up with Ms. Pumpkinhead. She worked perfectly, quietly and at a reasonable fee while we quickly sprayed and attached the boas. We also cut ears out of felt and attached with the spray adhesive, as well as a safety pin, for extra measure.

It all turned out pretty cute – she will use black eyeliner to draw on her “cat face” tomorrow and I will get a picture of her and the other girls.

Without further ado, I want to introduce to you, our wonderfully talented model.…….

Ms. Pumpkinhead

Cowardly Lion Costume DIY