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If you do not know about her blog, you are seriously missing out. Her blog is full of amazing craft projects, tutorials, a weekly Strut Your Stuff link party, Freaky Friday (blog swaps), yummy recipes and so much more!

I will be at her place tomorrow,
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I am so excited to be here on Tidy Mom today! I’ll be honest though, typing this post has me feeling a bit guilty that my own home is less than “tidy” right now! My name is Stephanie and I am the creator of the site Somewhat Simple.

I have 2 tutorials for you today because I love how they look together, but you can certainly split them up if you’d like! This is the picture arrangement I have above my bed:

(Big frame is 24×24 & other frames are 12×12)

Couple Collage

I have hardly any pictures hanging on the wall of me and my husband together- all our frames are occupied with pictures of the kiddos (they are much cuter than we are!) but this project displays the awesome places we have been, the fun stuff we have done, and the great memories we have made together! Here is what I did:

I bought this frame at a thrift shop for a couple bucks:

I took it apart, painted it black, then sanded the edges:

Then I gathered pictures- lots and lots of pictures (72 to be exact!)

I uploaded them to Picnik.com and had fun making them all black & white then making a collage.

Picnik has premade templates for collages- I used 3 different templates that hold 8 photos each.

I made 9 total collages and sized them to be 8.25 inches square, which happened to fit my square frame PERFECTLY! No cutting or overlapping needed!.

Then I just printed them out on my computer! Here are the finished collages:

Next I laid (or is it layed?) the collages out and taped them together on the backsides like so:

Lastly, I put them in my frame and showed my husband, of course. He was proud of me!


Framed Vinyl Initial
If you like an easy “no-brainer”, this is for you!

(K, I am just now proof-reading that tutorial and I am so embarrassed about those spelling errors! Not embarrassed enough to fix it, but embarrassed enough to admit I do know how to spell “perimeter”, and “ack” was supposed to be “back”. Sorry ladies!)

So that’s it! If you need your own initials, just ask!

Please consider yourselves personally invited to visit me at Somewhat Sim
. I share craft ideas, decor projects, recipes and more. Today I am hosting a great giveaway with a fun link party where you can all join in on the fun.

Cheryl, thanks so much for having me today! I love this site of yours, but I would love it even more if you came to my house and worked your magic! Have a great day!!!

Thanks Steph! I LOVE these projects!! I use Picnik.com all the time, and never thought to do something like that! And the initials are awesome! No one would ever guess how simple they are to make!!

Be sure to head over to Somewhat Simple…..
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