Keep TidyMom with you!


Have you ever been some where on the web and thought “I wonder what TidyMom is up to?”

How about “I need a TidyMom recipe?”

Maybe you want to just quickly access the site.

Well now you can keep TidyMom with you while you browse the web with a TidyMom Toolbar (for Internet Explorer and Firefox)

(click to see larger)

download toolbar here

What’s on the TidyMom toolbar?

  1. Homepage
  2. Quick access to all the TidyMom Recipes (index coming soon, to make them easier to fin)
  3. Quick Access to craft projects
  4. Giveaways, you can click to find what the latest giveaway is
  5. Need household Tips? Click this button for everything from laundry to kitchen tips
  6. Quickly get to the TidyMom Facebook Page
  7. Easily Contact TidyMom
  8. Looking for something? search the TidyMom site (via google)
  9. Always see the most recent post here
  10. TidyMom’s Twitter page
  11. See TidyMom’s latest tweet
  12. Shop the TidyMom Store on Amazon

Download your TidyMom Toolbar now, it’s easy and FREE!

I’d love to hear what you think! Did I miss anything that should be there?

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