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I recently upgraded my cell phone. As much as I wanted a Crackberry Blackberry, I did not want the added pricey media plan it would require. So I opted on The Samsung Rogue, which is a media phone, as opposed to a smart phone. I can still get online with my Rogue, but I was able to get a smaller, more affordable media package…..so I have to limit my web time on my phone.
But, I still want to be able to get info when I’m out and about with out using up my allowed time on the web.

Which brings me to What I’m Lovin’………

did you know you can text questions to Google?

March 21, 2010 (80/365)
(my phone!)

My daughter’s and I are now HUGE fans of Google’s FREE Short Message Service (SMS), which lets us text specific questions to G-O-O-G-L (46645) *G-O-G-G-L-E (466453) works too. No need to get online.

For example, we were out one weekend and wanted to see a movie, but we didn’t know what time the movie was showing at our theater.

I sent a text message to GOOGL (46645) : I simply put the title of the movie and zip code. Within seconds I received a text back with the name, address and phone number of the theater and all of the times the movie was showing.

Here are some more examples of things you can get:

  • weather 90210 (gives you the weather for zip code 90210)
  • definition antebellum (give you the definition of antebellum)
  • translate bathroom in Spanish (gives you the word bathroom in Spanish “El baño”)
  • Movies 90210 (gives you all movie theaters and movies playing in zipcode 90210)
  • Pizza 90210 (gives you pizza places in zip code 90210)
  • score Cardinals (gives you the score of the Cardinal game)
  • abraham lincoln birthday (Gives you Abraham Lincoln’s birthday “Feb 12, 1809)

Take a look at Google SMS for more information and examples

I have just been tickled with this new little find……….and if you have unlimited texting it’s FREE!
You can do this from any phone as long as you are able to text!! No web browser needed!

I LOVE it!

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