5 Alternative uses for dryer sheets


Most of us purchase dryer sheets to toss in the dryer to make our laundry smell fresh, feel soft and reduce static.  I shared that you can cut them in half and get the same results, as well as you can tuck them away with your linens to keep them smelling fresh.  But did you know you can use those dryer sheets can come in handy in other rooms in the house?

5 Alternative uses for dryer sheets

  • Fabric softener sheets are designed to help eliminate static cling.  When dusting the house, wipe your television, computer screens, and window blinds with a used sheet to keep dust from resettling

  • When storing luggage away, toss a fresh dryer sheet in your suitcase before you zip it up.  Next time you travel, your suitcase will smell fresh, rather than musty.

  • Does Rover leave hair all over the couch?  Wipe the surface where he lays with a dryer sheet and it will attract most of the hair– and freshen it up a bit too!

  • Place a dryer sheet inside smelly shoes and leave them overnight. The smell will be gone in the morning.

  • If your pots and pans have burned food stuck on them, place a dryer sheet in the bottom before you fill them with water and leave overnight. The burned food will come off easily in the morning.


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  1. I use them inside of my snowmobile trailer….keeps out the mice and moths from eating my expensive machine! bet that’s a new one for ya 🙂

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  4. I put a fresh dryer sheet in my closet once a month or so near my shoes to keep the entire closet smelling fresh.

  5. I subscribe to your email.

  6. I use dryer sheets to get the bugs and tar off the front of my car. Random, but it works really well!

  7. I rub the inside of pants, with dryer sheets, to keep static cling away.

  8. used dryer sheets can be used to make snow on Christmas Cards.
    also use to them to make a dryer lint holder and dip in parafin to make fire starter for your bonfires this fall.

  9. I keep one in my lingerie drawer 🙂

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  11. I stick a used dryer sheet under my car seat to keep the car smelling fresh

  12. I put them in drawers to freshen the smell of clothes.

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  14. I use dryer sheets in my car.. Keeps smoke and boy smells fresher.
    Stephanie Munson

  15. always put one in my boots when I store them after winter

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  17. I usually stick one or two when I pack up clothes at the change of seasons. Keeps everything nice and fresh for next year.

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  19. My husband is in the military, and wears his boots almost, so I take fabric softener sheets (the lavender scent is my favorite) and rubber band them around the top of the boot dryer so that when he sticks his boots on there they get a little bit of deodorizing action going on.

  20. I use them to clean tv and computer screens. Also have one in each closet of my house, one in the car, I keep a couple in my dresser drawers, and I also use them in my suitcase when packing. I also put them into the storage containers when I pack away off season clothes.

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  23. I use them to clean out the dryer lint trap!

  24. I use dryer sheets to help loosen burnt food on pots and lasagna pans by soaking overnight in water and dish liquid.
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  27. I use dryer sheets to clean my iron plate occasionally (turn iron on to warm up, place dryer sheet on top of a washcloth and iron over the sheet, it helps take off any gunk off the plate and keep the iron from sticking to your clothes). Good especially for older irons. And I use dryer sheets in bins placed in our storage shed. 🙂 creedamy [at] yahoo[dot] com

  28. I stash a dryer sheet inside my daughter’s swim back to keep that mildewy smell away!

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